Monday, October 27, 2008

Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice split

You should know both of these bands already. Andrew Jackson Jihad delivers their usual brand of frantic, paranoid folk punk, while Ghost Mice vows to sing songs for the living. Both sides are great. Plan-It-X released this in 2007, and a certain song name happens to match the title of my blog.

Andrew Jackson Jihad:
1. Little Prince (El Principito)
2. We Shall All Die Alone Someday
3. Forest Fire
4. Let Us Get Murdered
5. Lightning Bolt
6. All The Dead Kids
7. Unicron
8. Power Plant

Ghost Mice:
9. Oh Me, Oh Me
10. The Moon Will Rise
11. Song For Tomorrow
12. Survival
13. Cementville
14. Critical Hit
15. This Heart of Mine
16. Please Quit Smoking Mom