Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poison Idea - Pick Your King

Really angry hardcore punk. Somewhere between Negative Approach and Infest, if you don't already know. 13 songs in no time.

1. Think Twice
2. It's An Action
3. This Thing Called Progress
4. In My Headache
5. Underage
6. Self Abuse
7. Cult Band
8. Last One
9. Pure Hate
10. Castration
11. (I Hate) Reggae
12. Give It Up
13. Think Fast


Down To Agony / Fall Of Efrafa split

For lack of a better word, it's epic. Three tracks in over 20 minutes. Fall Of Efrafa keeps it obnoxiously slow with a 13 minute song. Definition of neocrust.

Down To Agony:
1. Where We Will Burn
2. The Hands Of The Watch Spin

Fall Of Efrafa:
3. No Longer Human