Sunday, November 8, 2009

Diabolic Force - Old School Attack

Really good black thrash metal from Brazil. They sound like you really need anymore proof that this will be sick?

1. Diabolic Force
2. Old School Attack
3. Absolute Cruelty
4. Nuclear Blast
5. Preacher Of Hell
6. Prisoner Of Wickedness
7. Absolute Cruelty
8. The Circle
9. Satan's Soldiers
10. Massacra


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Encyclopedia Of American Traitors - Discography

Seriously nuts emoviolence. Really chaotic. Heavy as can be. Vocalist sounds like a madman. Glad I learned about these guys. They were from Millersville, PA. I think. Discography collects 14 songs from a few 7"s and compilation appearances. Wacky bonus Black Sabbath cover makes it 15 at the end. Anarcho-syndicalist?

1. Repulsive
2. Sinking Atlantis
3. Lineage
4. And So It Goes
5. Contemporary Sprawl
6. Linchpin
7. Pan Y Sangre
8. Clandestine
9. Oxidizer
10. Young Comrades
11. Piladoras Amargas
12. Untitled
13. Accept And Settle
14. Misdirected
15. Paranoid


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spazz - Crush Kill Destroy

Self proclaimed punk king of the net,
I hope carpal tunnel is all that you get.
The monitors glow is your only light,
beat your meat to your own website.
Chatroom junkie, social flunkie!
Rule the scene from inside your room,
you're safe inside your cyberwomb.
Never been to a hardcore show,
got a zillion megabytes but nowhere to go.

Oh, the irony.

1. Zodiak
2. Snowcone Ribplate
3. Cool Guy
4. Dwarf Goober Militia
5. Let's Fucking Go!!!!
6. The Complete And Utter Eradication Of All Generic Pop-Punk (Extended Version)
7. Sword Of The Lord
8. A Legend In Your Own Mind
9. Street Jam To The Second Power
10. Hort
11. Black 'N' Dekker Crusty Wrecker
12. Bobby Dee In The Hour Of Chaos
13. Gary Monardo's Record Vault Shirt
14. Not Even Phased
15. Campaign For Emo Destruction
16. Hardcore Before Mark McCoy Was Emo Semen
17. Sluta
19. Hoarder
20. Now 50% More Pants-Shitting
21. Let The Beatings Commence
22. Chris Pooped At The Skatepark
23. Jeb For Ruler Of The (Formerly) Free World
24. Staayyyle
25. Crush Kill Destroy


Drunkdriver - Born Pregnant

This was one of the best records of last year. I forget what I said about Drunkdriver in the other post, but they play heinous guitar and drum noisy hardcore with megaphone sounding vocals. They rule. I saw them and I moshed in garbage. All of their material is awesome, so go purchase it, or at least download this. It came out late last year, and I've listened to it nonstop since. Is this what love really tastes like?

1. Ode
2. Rebecca Ross
3. Secret Eater
4. Product
5. Sick Kid
6. Millions
7. Dick In A Mousetrap
8. Women (The Blues)
9. Cure For The Common Cold


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rosa - I, Mississippi, You

This is a request for Dan MM. He had asked me months ago. Last posts before today were from June and before, so obviously I've been away from this for a bit. Well here it is. Adorable folk punk from this short-lived Plan-It-X prospect. What you'd listen to on a long bike ride to your best friends house. Get cute.

1. Chapel Hill
2. Leah's Song
3. Hit The Bottle
4. Starch + Carbohydrates
5. Scan To Print
6. Asheville
7. Bike Rides And High Fives
8. Hitched Up Kids
9. You Can Almost Hold It In Your Hand
10. Milk Crates
11. Greg Allen
12. Whiskey


Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive

The kings of thrashcore have a new rager out. On this one, there is less songs about partying, and more sick gorey/fucked up lyrics, more akin to their second full-length Hazardous Mutation than The Art Of Partying. Both topics are sick. All the rips I've seen had curse words beeped out, so here's one that isn't for pussies. Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up.

1. Masked By Delirium
2. Mech-Cannibal
3. Divine Blasphemer
4. Massive Aggressive
5. Wolves Of Chernobyl
6. Relentless Threat
7. The Wrath Of The Severed Head
8. Upside Down Church
9. Shredded Offering
10. Media Skeptic
11. Horny For Blood
12. Wrong Answer
13. Acid Sentence


Monday, June 8, 2009

Brainbombs - Obey

You can't go wrong with this band. They've been around for 20+ years, writing the grossest, most vile noise rock you'll ever hear. Their lyrical content is weird when you consider that this band shares members with d-beat staples Totalitär, who are seemingly politically-correct throughout, but if you like weird shit, you'll love this. Monotonous riffs, filthy fucking Brainbombs.

1. Kill Them All
2. Die You Fuck
3. Anal Desire
4. Lipstick On My Dick
5. Drive Around
6. To Hurt
7. Obey
8. Fuckmeat


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Robot Goes Here - The Byte Is In My Blood

I saw RGH a few years ago at a benefit show my now-friend Kendall did. Back then I didn't know him, but I did have a dick shaved into my head at the time, and I didn't expect to see what I did that day. Robot Goes Here is basically Dave Rand, who is a "post-doctoral research scientist" at Harvard. He's a smart dude, and his lyrics reflect that. At the show, it was just him, a mic, and a computer playing electronic bits as he sang his heart out and did karate kicks around the fire hall. It was great. But anyway, this thing is a nice dose of catchy "electro punk", with super intelligent and socially concious lyrics. But when I say that, I don't mean in a political way. I mean he picks apart the human condition and makes you ponder your own shit. Even if you're not into anything without blast beats or downtuned guitar abuse, you may find something great here, as I have. If not, whatever.

1. When The Well Runs Dry
2. What All The Screaming's About
3. Seeing Green
4. The Minivan Diaries
5. Zen And The Science Of Nihilism
6. Intermission
7. Back In Black
8. 01001010 Failing The Turing Test
9. Wake Up
10. Better Living Through Nanotechnology
11. I'm Holding A Burning Match


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Z - Violence Action

Here we have a noisy mess, circa late-80's Kyushu, Japan. It's perfectly recorded in my opinion, with sloppy fuzz ultimately prevailing over anything else. Punk as fuck.

1. Violence Action
2. Go To Kill
3. Go Ahead
4. Peace Of Hiroshima


Burzum - Filosofem

Lots of legend and mystery surrounds Burzum and mastermind Varg Vikernes (who just got out of jail after sixteen years), but with all of that malarky aside, this is a black metal masterpiece. Seminal to the genre, the stemmed inspiration from this album is probably unmeasurable, so get in on this before Lords Of Chaos comes out, which is rumored to have The Count himself portrayed by "teen heartthrob" Jackson Rathbone from that Twilight movie. Ugh.

1. Dunkelheit
2. Jesus' Tod
3. Erblicket Die Töchter Des Firmaments
4. Gebrechlichkeit I
5. Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität
6. Gebrechlichkeit II


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ash Pool - Saturn's Slave

Raw, primitive black metal from NYC. The guy that comprises the harsh noise project Prurient is in this, along with one other member. I keep repeating this two-songer, so you should check it out. Melancholic shit.

1. Origin Of Man
2. Origin Of AIDS


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Negative FX - Negative FX

Definitly mandatory listening for anyone getting into 80's punk, otherwise you'll know this. Negative FX played super fast hardcore, which almost sounded like a precursor to powerviolence. This was their only official album, although a CD of demos exists, and there's bootlegs and stuff. Despite only being around for a total of 5 shows (or something), they were a staple of the early Boston hardcore punk scene. Militant straightedgery aside, this one rips.

1. Feel Like A Man
2. Together
3. Protestor
4. Mind Control
5. I Know Better
6. Citizens Arrest
7. Negative FX
8. The Few, The Proud
9. Punch In The Face
10. Primary Attack
11. Hazardous Waste
12. Turn Your Back
13. Nightstick Justice
14. I.D.N.T.F.S.
15. Modern Problems
16. Nuclear Fear
17. VFW
18. Repeat


Drunkdriver - Knife Day

I'm back after yet another hiatus from this blog. Whatever. Drunkdriver is from Brooklyn, I've seen them once, and they rule. This 7" is their newest offering to the noisy punk nerds like me, and can be purchased from Fan Death Records. Support them for sure.

1. Knife Day
2. January 2nd


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cult Ritual - 2nd EP

Cult Ritual is one of the best hardcore bands around right now. See for yourself. The dudes in this seem to have posted everything they've done and then some on their own blog which is here. All of their records sell really quick, or I'd tell you to go buy them.

1. Haunted Grounds
2. Hunger Pains
3. Civilized
4. Leather


Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign

Haven't posted in the past week due to health problems, but that's not the point. Here we have a super sludgy powerviolence band for your listening pleasure. Not much to say: the low ends are fucking low, and it's just as angry. It's fast, but when it slows down, you're gonna get into it. Get mad.

1. Abuse Excuse
2. Manhood
3. Coping Methods
4. Equation
5. Full Spectral Dominance
6. Schizophrenic
7. Yesman
8. Wrote Off
9. Shutting Down
10. Deviant Sadistic
11. Time Served (And What You Leave Behind)
12. Juggling Anxieties


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pissed Jeans - Shallow

Coming from my county of residence, Pissed Jeans is the best example of an active noise punk band I can think of. The riffs are sludgy and fuzzy and grab your nuts and twist them, and there's enough weirdo lyrical content to keep it fun. It's not as bizarre as their follow-up album Hope For Men (which I'll probably end up posting soon) on Sub Pop, but you could argue this one is louder. Compulsory downloading.

1. I'm Sick
2. Boring Girls
3. Ugly Twin (I've Got)
4. Ashamed Of My Cum
5. Closet Marine
6. I Broke My Own Heart
7. Little Sorrel
8. Wachovia


Monday, March 2, 2009

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Candy Cigarettes and Cap Guns

I'm posting this not only because it's an amazing album, but because most people forget to include this in their AJJ collections. Their debut non-demo full-length is full of their normal paranoid folk insights, which include feeling like you're a cigarette or getting beat by your parents. Fuck white people.

1. Cigarettes
2. Be Afraid Of Jesus
3. I Love You
4. Scenesters
5. Daddy Didn't Love Me
6. Fuck White People
7. God Made
8. Lady Killer
9. Fly My Ass
10. Most Aborted Father
11. You Don't Want To Fuck With Me


Altars - Ewig Verloren

Just got into this band. Really sick melding of black metal, harsh noise and hardcore punk. This particular one-sided 7" features only one track, but it's really good. Go buy it, or check out How Much Art Can You Take? and look at the tasteful site, or order their split with Issei Sagawa. 

1. Ewig Verloren