Thursday, May 21, 2009

Negative FX - Negative FX

Definitly mandatory listening for anyone getting into 80's punk, otherwise you'll know this. Negative FX played super fast hardcore, which almost sounded like a precursor to powerviolence. This was their only official album, although a CD of demos exists, and there's bootlegs and stuff. Despite only being around for a total of 5 shows (or something), they were a staple of the early Boston hardcore punk scene. Militant straightedgery aside, this one rips.

1. Feel Like A Man
2. Together
3. Protestor
4. Mind Control
5. I Know Better
6. Citizens Arrest
7. Negative FX
8. The Few, The Proud
9. Punch In The Face
10. Primary Attack
11. Hazardous Waste
12. Turn Your Back
13. Nightstick Justice
14. I.D.N.T.F.S.
15. Modern Problems
16. Nuclear Fear
17. VFW
18. Repeat


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