Sunday, May 31, 2009

Robot Goes Here - The Byte Is In My Blood

I saw RGH a few years ago at a benefit show my now-friend Kendall did. Back then I didn't know him, but I did have a dick shaved into my head at the time, and I didn't expect to see what I did that day. Robot Goes Here is basically Dave Rand, who is a "post-doctoral research scientist" at Harvard. He's a smart dude, and his lyrics reflect that. At the show, it was just him, a mic, and a computer playing electronic bits as he sang his heart out and did karate kicks around the fire hall. It was great. But anyway, this thing is a nice dose of catchy "electro punk", with super intelligent and socially concious lyrics. But when I say that, I don't mean in a political way. I mean he picks apart the human condition and makes you ponder your own shit. Even if you're not into anything without blast beats or downtuned guitar abuse, you may find something great here, as I have. If not, whatever.

1. When The Well Runs Dry
2. What All The Screaming's About
3. Seeing Green
4. The Minivan Diaries
5. Zen And The Science Of Nihilism
6. Intermission
7. Back In Black
8. 01001010 Failing The Turing Test
9. Wake Up
10. Better Living Through Nanotechnology
11. I'm Holding A Burning Match


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