Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rosa - I, Mississippi, You

This is a request for Dan MM. He had asked me months ago. Last posts before today were from June and before, so obviously I've been away from this for a bit. Well here it is. Adorable folk punk from this short-lived Plan-It-X prospect. What you'd listen to on a long bike ride to your best friends house. Get cute.

1. Chapel Hill
2. Leah's Song
3. Hit The Bottle
4. Starch + Carbohydrates
5. Scan To Print
6. Asheville
7. Bike Rides And High Fives
8. Hitched Up Kids
9. You Can Almost Hold It In Your Hand
10. Milk Crates
11. Greg Allen
12. Whiskey


Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive

The kings of thrashcore have a new rager out. On this one, there is less songs about partying, and more sick gorey/fucked up lyrics, more akin to their second full-length Hazardous Mutation than The Art Of Partying. Both topics are sick. All the rips I've seen had curse words beeped out, so here's one that isn't for pussies. Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up.

1. Masked By Delirium
2. Mech-Cannibal
3. Divine Blasphemer
4. Massive Aggressive
5. Wolves Of Chernobyl
6. Relentless Threat
7. The Wrath Of The Severed Head
8. Upside Down Church
9. Shredded Offering
10. Media Skeptic
11. Horny For Blood
12. Wrong Answer
13. Acid Sentence