Sunday, September 27, 2009

Encyclopedia Of American Traitors - Discography

Seriously nuts emoviolence. Really chaotic. Heavy as can be. Vocalist sounds like a madman. Glad I learned about these guys. They were from Millersville, PA. I think. Discography collects 14 songs from a few 7"s and compilation appearances. Wacky bonus Black Sabbath cover makes it 15 at the end. Anarcho-syndicalist?

1. Repulsive
2. Sinking Atlantis
3. Lineage
4. And So It Goes
5. Contemporary Sprawl
6. Linchpin
7. Pan Y Sangre
8. Clandestine
9. Oxidizer
10. Young Comrades
11. Piladoras Amargas
12. Untitled
13. Accept And Settle
14. Misdirected
15. Paranoid


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spazz - Crush Kill Destroy

Self proclaimed punk king of the net,
I hope carpal tunnel is all that you get.
The monitors glow is your only light,
beat your meat to your own website.
Chatroom junkie, social flunkie!
Rule the scene from inside your room,
you're safe inside your cyberwomb.
Never been to a hardcore show,
got a zillion megabytes but nowhere to go.

Oh, the irony.

1. Zodiak
2. Snowcone Ribplate
3. Cool Guy
4. Dwarf Goober Militia
5. Let's Fucking Go!!!!
6. The Complete And Utter Eradication Of All Generic Pop-Punk (Extended Version)
7. Sword Of The Lord
8. A Legend In Your Own Mind
9. Street Jam To The Second Power
10. Hort
11. Black 'N' Dekker Crusty Wrecker
12. Bobby Dee In The Hour Of Chaos
13. Gary Monardo's Record Vault Shirt
14. Not Even Phased
15. Campaign For Emo Destruction
16. Hardcore Before Mark McCoy Was Emo Semen
17. Sluta
19. Hoarder
20. Now 50% More Pants-Shitting
21. Let The Beatings Commence
22. Chris Pooped At The Skatepark
23. Jeb For Ruler Of The (Formerly) Free World
24. Staayyyle
25. Crush Kill Destroy


Drunkdriver - Born Pregnant

This was one of the best records of last year. I forget what I said about Drunkdriver in the other post, but they play heinous guitar and drum noisy hardcore with megaphone sounding vocals. They rule. I saw them and I moshed in garbage. All of their material is awesome, so go purchase it, or at least download this. It came out late last year, and I've listened to it nonstop since. Is this what love really tastes like?

1. Ode
2. Rebecca Ross
3. Secret Eater
4. Product
5. Sick Kid
6. Millions
7. Dick In A Mousetrap
8. Women (The Blues)
9. Cure For The Common Cold