Sunday, September 27, 2009

Encyclopedia Of American Traitors - Discography

Seriously nuts emoviolence. Really chaotic. Heavy as can be. Vocalist sounds like a madman. Glad I learned about these guys. They were from Millersville, PA. I think. Discography collects 14 songs from a few 7"s and compilation appearances. Wacky bonus Black Sabbath cover makes it 15 at the end. Anarcho-syndicalist?

1. Repulsive
2. Sinking Atlantis
3. Lineage
4. And So It Goes
5. Contemporary Sprawl
6. Linchpin
7. Pan Y Sangre
8. Clandestine
9. Oxidizer
10. Young Comrades
11. Piladoras Amargas
12. Untitled
13. Accept And Settle
14. Misdirected
15. Paranoid


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